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Birth of a new organization of the revolutionary left

Sunday 28 July 2013, by Tárzia Medeiros

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The reconstruction of the socialist left in Brazil has made an important step forward. On 7 July, still in the heat of the recent demonstrations that swept the country, about one hundred and sixty delegates attended the Conference which approved the unification between three currents Colectivo Socialismo y Libertad (CSOL), Enlace and the Colectivo Luta Vermelha (CLV), creating a new political organization in the Brazilian revolutionary left, organized within the PSol.

Also attending the meeting were representatives of the Colectivo Opción Socialista (COS) and the collective Brazil and Development (B & D), which are also beginning a process of discussion with the new organization, as well as some of the founders of the original nucleus, in the 1970s , of the organizations Socialist Democracy and Socialist Convergence.

The merger of the three streams, which are identify with Marxism, internationalism and are part of PSOL, should be completed at a national meeting on 5 and 6 October, when the name of the new political organization will be decided. With this initiative, Enlace, CSOL y CLV are going to build, together with other groups which join the process, "a democratic, feminist, anti-racist, environmentalist and libertarian revolutionary Marxist organization that is worthy of our dreams" as the approved political resolution stated.

The new group already has members in twenty states and the Federal District. But the unification proposal goes beyond the numbers involved, it points to a reversal of the trend towards fragmentation of the socialist left in Brazil, especially after the accession of the Workers’ Party to the bourgeois order. The new organization is committed to building the PSOL as a party of the left opposition, a tool to help organize youth, the working class and the process of advancement of consciousness. An instrument of social struggles and political mobilizations.

During the meeting a Charter of Principles and a resolution on the political situation were adopted, and a Provisional National Coordination of the new organization was elected. It has also launched the magazine "A La Izquierda", the first political synthesis made by the three organizations in recent months.