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Support for resistance in Pakistan

International solidarity in Catalonia

Monday 19 November 2007

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A rally against the State of Emergency in Pakistan was held on a bitterly cold Saturday evening, 17 November, in the political centre of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, in North-Eastern Spain.

Most of the 500-strong gathering were from the local Pakistani community, but there was also an appreciable number of Catalans present. A multitude of flags, placards and banners were displayed with slogans in a variety of languages, including Urdu. The speeches were continually punctuated by loud chants of “Go, Musharraf, go!”

At the rally, members of Revolta Global, the Fourth International organisation in Catalonia, distributed a leaflet in Catalan, Spanish and English demanding an end to the State of Emergency, the immediate release of all political prisoners, Musharraf’s resignation and the holding of free and fair elections.

The leaflet also described the difficult situation of the left and called for solidarity with the Labour Party Pakistan, printing its website address at the bottom of the flyer.

B.A. 17-11-07, Barcelona